Quality can not be examined, quality must be produced!

Our highest objective is to fulfil the quality requirements of our customers.

he high quality standard of our products is the most important element for the success of our enterprise.

We have built up a quality management system to maintain and improve the high standard in quality of our products.

It serves the purpose that all demands placed by standards, set of rules, and customer or internal regulations are fulfilled.

We exert ourselves for the satisfaction and the confidence of our customers
by preventing and planning activities, as well as introducing appropriate measures for avoiding faults and by constantly improving our processes.

Constant controls and the monitoring of our manufacturing
which are supported by modern measuring techniques, ensure the adherence to the demands for quality.

The principles of our quality management system are practiced by our trained and engaged staff in all production phases, on all department levels and on all jobs with our customers and suppliers. The employees who are entrusted with the quality assurance can be compared to objective examiners.
Business relations over many years with repetitive enterprises only confirm the success of our quality management system.

Federnfabrik Walter Fischer Inh. Christel Fischer Parkstrasse 16 A D-34479  Breuna-Wettesingen